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coffee espresso

coffee espresso

This website is all about the enjoyment of coffee and its many variations- latte, cappuccino, espresso and what are some of the best commercial coffee machines that make these beverages.

Besides the information related to these, there will be sections devoted to user experiences on making coffee, espresso, latte and with different coffee making machines as well. This is to provide insights into which machines are good for which types of people and their needs.


espresso machine

espresso machine

The simple espresso machine may come from humble beginnings, but today, it is a small and yet, indispensable machine in the home, churning out multiple cups of coffee any time of the day. It has totally become a machine that the average middle class families cannot do without.




The types of coffee machines have evolved from the early 1900s, from a steam driven machines, to piston driven, pump driven and in recent years air-pump driven espresso machines.What this means for the coffee drinker is the ability to control the taste of his/her espresso coffee even more with these machines.


The different types of machines have different variations of controls to the fineness of the coffee grind. This coupled with the amount of pressure that is use to tamp the grinds will produce the different tastes of the espresso. And this can be blend, full bodied, sour, sweet, watery, or thick and bitter.


Automatic machines automate the brewed volume. When the desired and programmed amount of water has passed through the meter, the pump turns off and so, controlling the brewing time. However, the grinding and tamping of the coffee is manual.


super automatic espresso machine

super automatic coffee machine

Whereas super-automatic machines automatically grind the coffee, tamp it, and extract the espresso shot. The owner only has to fill the bean hopper and add water. Some models comes with automated milk frothing and dispensing devices, making it so convenient to add froth to your coffee without the owner having to do much.




As super automatic machines automatically tamp and grind the coffee, it will affect the quality of the espresso and the end result may not have the right taste and strength that you normally like..Something to think about…which espresso machine suit you best.


I guess most coffee drinkers at home perpetually struggle to balance the need of either enjoying instant coffee, but a lesser quality or having a great quality tasting cuppa, but needs that extra time and effort to make it. This is especially so, when they are making the coffee by themselves at home, after coming back from a long day’s work.


So these experiences will be explored in this blog. The overall aim being to bring about a more complete readership experience on these related topics of making the coffee and drinking it.

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